Luggage Advice

Luggage Advice

You have finalized your Work & Travel plans for New Zealand? Then there’s only one thing left to do: pack your luggage! If you wonder whether a suitcase or a backpack would suit you better you should think about how your Work & Travel year is meant to look like.

If you plan on hiking for days through the bush to explore New Zealand’s wilderness then a backpack is definitely the best option for you. If on the other hand you decide to rent or buy a car and don’t like long walk anyway then we would recommend a suitcase.

How much am I allowed to take?

There’s probably a thousand things that you think are necessary to make the most of your experience overseas. Unfortunately airlines have a weight and size limit on luggage. Unless you are prepared to pay an exorbitant amount for additional kilograms you will have to pack “lightly”.

Check with our airline to find out the exact measurements they allow for luggage and what the weight limit is. Usually you will find you won’t be able to take more than 20 to 36kg per person. Hand luggage, cameras, laptops and such are NOT included in this.

You will find more specific information on your airline’s website.

NOTE: In general any kind of liquid is not allowed on the plane.

And don’t panic if you can’t fit everything into your luggage: Most things are available in New Zealand. If you find you can’t do without this or that item, the range of products is very comparable with many cities in Europe.

Important: Please note, though, that the wall sockets in New Zealand are different from the ones in Europe. You will need an adapter if you plan on bringing technical equipment into the country.

What is not allowed?

Approaching your destination, a so-called Passenger Arrival Card will be given to you on the plane.

You will find further information below. It will find exactly what you may bring into New Zealand so that you have no problems when you get to Customs Control. Should you carry something with you that is not allowed you will be able to dispose of it in one of several bins scattered around the arrival hall before you get to Customs.

You have to be careful when filling out the Passenger Arrival Card. If you are unsure about a question, leave it blank and ask later at the counter. This is the safest way and you avoid unnecessary trouble. People in New Zealand are very relaxed and forgiving.

Most problems arise when bringing in hiking equipment like tents and boots. If you plan on packing those things make sure they are new or 100% clean.


Passenger Arrival Card Download

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