New Zealand Climate

New Zealand Climate

New Zealand Climate

No matter what time you visit New Zealand, the country’s beautiful landscape offers magnificent experiences all year round with most areas having a mild climate from spring through to winter. The sun shines 2000 hours on average each year and there is a moderate amount of rainfall.


However, New Zealand band Crowded House did not understate when they sang “Four seasons in one day”. You always have to be prepared for the weather to change within minutes. Depending on where you are the temperatures can suddenly drop by a few degrees and you get anything from sunshine to heavy rain and even snow due to sudden cold fronts or tropical cyclones. Having enough spare clothes in your bag is always a good idea.


Starting on 21st September this is probably the best season to start your adventure in New Zealand from a climate point of view. Newborn lambs are hopping along the paddocks and meadows, exotic plants are starting to blossom and everything feels like a colourful kaleidoscope. Temperatures range from warm to hot especially in the North Island while the South can still be a bit frosty at times.


How do long sunny days with temperatures between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius sound like? Paired with mild nights this season is perfect for outdoor activities. There is so much to do: from bush-walking to swimming, sunbathing, surfing and much much more in the summer months from December to February.


If you’d rather start your journey from a financial point of view this is the season for you to arrive in New Zealand. With the summer season just gone the majority of backpackers is heading back home needing to sell cars and camping equipment for cheap and there is also more jobs available. Between March and May the temperatures cool down a bit but you can still go swimming in some locations. Otherwise let the play of colours from the falling leaves and the country’s evergreen fauna bewitch you.


Between June and August expect a lot of rain especially in the North Island. Despite the wet it’s still a fairly moderate climate, though, with temperatures rarely dropping below 10 degrees. The mountain ranges in both North and South will be covered with snow which makes it the perfect time for skiing or glacier expeditions.

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