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Backpacker Camper New Zealand Sales


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You have already arrived in Auckland and are now looking for a car or a campervan? Or are you just about to leave for New Zealand and would like to enquire about car sales before you take off? We have just the right thing for you! Backpacker Camper New Zealand Sales from Chilli Rentals.


Over the past few years Work-Travel-Fun New Zealand has established a business relationship with what we think is Auckland’s best car sales dealer ever. Steve Frayne and Chilli Rentals and Campers don’t just offer vehicles for everyday use. They can also modify your campervan to suit your needs – adding the proper camping gear and providing you with proper insurance. It’s all inclusive. Steve also gives you a “money back guarantee” on all car sales and is available for questions and concerns 24/7.

Backpacker Camper New Zeland Sales from Chilli Rentals is the best value for your money!

Here is a list of current deals. Don’t worry if a car is not available anymore – the demand is high but there’s always new vehicles coming in. The list is updated weekly. 

Thise list might take 1-2 minutes to upload. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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