Wwoofing in New Zealand

Wwoofing in New Zealand

WWOOFing – what does it stand for ?

‘WWOOF’ stands for ‘Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms’ or ‘Willing Workers on Organic Farms’. It’s a network of farms that operate primarily on organic principles and sustainable ecology.

This is how it works:

One (or more) backpacker is received by a family and is provided with room and board in return for work.  The activities vary from everyday chores such as babysitting, mowing the lawn, doing laundry and hanging out washing etc.  Sometimes it includes farm work. You learn the way of the land and the family can help you with your English. But don’t worry: you are not made to work all day. In most cases you will only be expected to work half days (approx. 4 hours).

WWOOFing can also apply to working in hostels.  Here, too, lodging and food are free in exchange for work.  During the day you may be asked to make beds or clean rooms. You may be asked to do a variety of chores within the hostel, whatever is necessary to make the guests feel comfortable.

You can get lots of information and find jobs on the WWOOF Aotearoa and Help X website. Registration is worth it!

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