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Work-Travel-Fun Site Map for Backpackers

Work-Travel-Fun Site Map for Backpackers

Attention New Zealand backpackers!

Our Site Map shows you everything that Work-Travel-Fun New Zealand has to offer for current and future backpackers to make the most of their time while exploring New Zealand.

In order to prepare for your Work & Travel adventure in New Zealand we have collected important information for you to make your experience hassle free. On our website you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions as well as lots of first-hand recommendations and additional service. Find out more about our Kiwi Information Days in Auckland which is designed to welcome new backpackers into New Zealand and support them in finding their way around during those vital first days.

If you have already started your adventure why not join us for a Kiwi Information Evening in Auckland where we answer all your questions about job search, tax declaration, buying a car and more.

Other articles cover topics like the Working Holiday Visa, Wwoofing, important insurance issues as well as a luggage guide. They are designed to help you plan your adventure from the start so you know what to keep in mind when organizing.

We also offer lots of travel advice including background information on New Zealand currency, climate, history and ways to get around the country. This and more you will find in the TRAVEL category.

Tips for action packed activities are in the FUN category. Here you can read up on North Island Highlights and South Island Highlights, New Zealand’s National Parks and D.O.C. Camping. We have also put together a list of what we think are the best hostels in the country in Recommended Hostels for the North Island and Recommended Hostels for the South Island.

Looking for some interesting background information? Check out our Useful Links collection. There’s also an article on cellphones in New Zealand where we tell you all about available networks and what you have to keep in mind when bringing your own cellphone or smartphone to New Zealand.

Working and travelling will make you hungry. Having in mind that backpackers often are on a budget here is some advice on where to shop and what items will help you keep your wallet happy.

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing our website and are looking forward to hearing from you!

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