Au Pair in New Zealand

Au Pair in New Zealand

Apart from the dream of backpacking a lot of young people, especially girls, would rather be an Au Pair in New Zealand while exploring the country. It is mostly safety and security reasons that make this option more appealing. You have a guaranteed job for a specified time, you are part of a family and you gain insight into the “real life” of Kiwis learning their language as well as getting to know their country and culture.

What exactly is an Au Pair?

“Au pair” is French and means “mutuality”. Nowadays the term Au Pair stands for a young person from a foreign country living with a host family and looking after their children in return for free board and accommodation as well as a little pocket money. It’s more about the cultural exchange than a typical work relationship between employer and employee. However, as an Au Pair in New Zealand you are entitled to the hourly minimum wage less a certain amount the host family is allowed to deduct for food and accommodation. (Read more on New Zealand Labour Law here.)

Depending on what has been agreed on between host family and Au Pair the average working time ranges from 25 to 40 hours a week. Evenings and weekends are generally off. However, you may be asked by your host family to babysit occasionally outside your normal working hours which should be paid on top of your pocket money.

The main task of an Au Pair is to look after the host family’s children. You might also be expected to assist with shopping and housework such as laundry, cooking and cleaning.


What are the requirements to become an Au Pair in New Zealand?

You will have to:

* be between 18 and 30 years old (requirement to apply for the Working Holiday Visa)
* have a driver licence (preferably an International Driver Licence in addition to the one issued by your home country)
* speak at least a moderate level of English
* have some experience in childcare, e.g. babysitting or praktika in childcare centres (references are basically a must for most families)
* want to work as an Au Pair for at least 6 months
* provide proof of a return or onward journey ticket when entering New Zealand as well as sufficient funds ($4200 – copy of bank statement)
* be healthy (medical certificate)
* provide a police clearance certificate


How do I become an Au Pair in New Zealand?

With Work-Travel-Fun New Zealand you can apply any time throughout the year to participate in our Kiwi Au Pair programme. We do, however, suggest you apply at least 3 months before you’d like to come to New Zealand as you will need time to apply for your visa, put your application together including all necessary documents and to book your flights.

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